Welcome to Debbie Mahler's Website

Welcome to My Website!

I have to admit that this has been the hardest website I've ever had to update! Sometimes I get so busy with clients and students that I don't have time to update my own sites! But alas, here it is. A newer, cleaner design layout. I hope you like it and I hope it shows you my design capabilities! But welcome!

You may have found this site from a link on Internet Tech Specialists™, Technical Tidbits™ on BlogTalk Radio, I may be your current or former instructor with Education to Go, or I may have been your in-the-classroom instructor at South Suburban College or College of Lake County.

Although I've been involved in a lot of different businesses over the years, if I had to put a label on who I am, I'd use two terms: Instructor & Entrepreneur. No matter what it is that I'm doing personally or professionally, I'm a teacher first!

I am currently working on a book for those wishing to enter the Technology Security field. All of the books I've read on hacking, networking, security audits, and computer security make assumptions that readers have a certain level of skills or knowledge. My book starts at the beginner level to fill in the gaps between computer user to tech/security professional.

Internet Tech Specialists™ - This is my 100% woman-owned technology company. Started in June of 1997, the former company name of MICE Training & Technology combined the effort of over 20 years in technology. Long before computers made their way to the desktop, I was consulting to small busines4ses under the name "Mahler's Independent Consulting Enterprises" — which is how the acronym MICE was created! When computers came into the picture, the consulting business added technology and security into the mix and my present company was born!

In January of 2011, the company formally changed its name to Internet Tech Specialists™ after market research found that people had a negative emotional response to rodents. Imagine that!

The experience I've gained being in this business for the past 20+ years is being shared through the I.T. S. site along with courses offered at all English-speaking colleges and universities through Ed2go.

Metaphysical-Musings was created to share with others my spiritual journey after a disabling car accident and near death experience (NDE).

Although doctors told me I'd be dead in 5 years (that was in 1988) and I'd never walk again, I'm happy to report that none of that was true. But the experience taught me so much that I felt I needed to share what I learned.

The site is on hold temporarily as client work, students, and I.T.S. takes up much of my time these days.

There are other things in the works, but for now, I think I have enough to keep myself busy! (SMILE)

Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to click on the links on the left and check out my other sites, or contact me!