Debbie Mahler

Who Am I?

I always have to laugh when I see that question because it reminds me of Babylon 5. The Vorlon's would ask, "Who are you?" and the Shadow's would ask "What do you want?" Both were asking for a specific reason - none of which were to your advantage!

Either way, the question of asking someone who they are always leads them to wonder what specific information do you want to know? I guess I am left with providing the general kind of information that makes up who I am.

As I've explained on the front page, I'm an instructor and an entrepreneur. I've had businesses since I was about 12 years old, albeit doing lawns, it was no less a business. And yes, I had the lemonade stand too!

I've been teaching practically all my life from local Park District courses to college credit and continuing education courses.

My college degree is a B.A. in Applied Behavioral Science (ABS) from National-Louis University, Wheaton Campus. I have graduate studies in both Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology and Computer Science. ABS is the degree you get when you want to be a corporate trainer and the same is true with I/O Psychology. And of course, the computer sciences is my field of expertise.

I have programming skills that began with BASIC and COBOL and span through C++ and Visual Basic, along with web programming languages of PHP, HTML, XML and Java to name a few. I'm currently learning scripting language to jump into Linux development.

The wonderful part of my learning technology as it evolved is that I learned both hardware and software at the same time and I understand how they work together. It's enabled me to fix computers and solve problems that even the highly certified experts can't do! And of course, I learned security long before the script kiddies were using their punter programs on AO-Hell.

In fact, my first business computer was destroyed by a known virus at the time (and there weren't many back then!) that McAfee failed to catch. My entire database was lost because of course, there were only magnetic tape back-ups then that were very expensive. That was when I decided to find out how these creeps did it and why! The rest of that history is on my company website.

Hobbies & Goals

I love gardening and fly fishing. Both do not require technology! (SMILE) Since I lost all my fly fishing gear when I moved several years ago, I mainly do a lot of gardening when I need to get away from the technology.

I am a continuous learner. My students used to say I have two brains in order to hold the amount of information I do! But it has been a life ambition to complete my M.A. and Ph.D. some day. In the meantime, I take courses, workshops, and seminars personally and professionally.

My company is also involved in ongoing research in: The Predictability of Computer Problems. You can find out more about that on my Facebook Group or Facebook Fan Page.

Holistic Practitioner & Metaphysician

In my personal life, I am a holistic practitioner and metaphysician. What is that? It's a person who believes in natural and alternative healing methods (holistic practitioner) as well as the metaphysical side of our current reality (metaphysician). I have seen what metaphysical practices can do in terms of healing and changing a person's life first hand and the scientific aspect of my personality will not let it lie.

I have gone from being unable to walk, losing my entire memory, and being told I was going to die to where I am today.

You can feel free to visit the Metaphysical Musings Blog for more information on that side of my life.